Backers of gay marriage ban use social security as cudgel

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President Barack Obama's administration has taken the US gay rights revolution global, using American embassies across the world as outposts in a struggle that still hasn't been won at home. Sometimes US advice and encouragement is condemned as unacceptable meddling. And sometimes it can seem to backfire, increasing the pressure on those it is meant to help.

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The late Dr. James Luther Adams, ethics professor at the Harvard Divinity school, made a powerful impression on his young student, Christopher Hedgeswho went on to become a New York Times journalist and author:. Adams told us to watch closely the Christian Right's persecution of homosexuals and lesbians.

When the federal government adopted a religious protection act insame-sex marriage was not on the horizon. An informal coalition of liberals and conservatives endorsed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act because it seemed to protect members of vulnerable religious minorities from punishment for the exercise of their beliefs. The federal legislation was set off by a case in which two followers of the Native American church were fired and denied unemployment benefits because they took part in ceremonies with peyote, an illegal drug. Twenty states, including Indiana last week, have since passed their own versions of religious freedom laws.

The decision is also the latest signpost of an important structural change that will define the current era in American life. The United States is undergoing a period of social transformation as profound and rapid as any it has seen since the s. InGeorge W.

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One is pregnant; the other holds a toddler, his face buried in her shoulder. Legos litter the ground beneath their feet. They have a baby girl on the way.

Religion and the Bush Presidency pp Cite as. George W. Bush is not the first president to reveal at least a portion of his ideology via the artwork in his office, but few have found so obvious a connection to a single painting.

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Religion and the American Presidency pp Cite as. Often the depiction turns on interpretations of a few key facts—whether a president regularly attended church or mentioned God in his personal letters. Often historians wish for a richer source of information.

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Post a Comment. Bush's top political adviser, the group said it was disappointed with the White House's decision to put Social Security and other economic issues ahead of its paramount interest: opposition to same-sex marriage. Cracks in the Republican coalition are always welcome to me, and at some point the fundamentalists are going to push so hard that they'll push the self-centered, cut my taxes and leave me alone Republicans away.

Our beloved New York Times has obtained a letter, intended for Karl Rove's eyes only, written by a coalition of conservative Christian groups known as The Arlington Group. The group is threatening to withhold support for Bush's Social Security plans, unless the President aggressively backs an amendment banning same-sex marriage. Those behind the literary masterpiece include Dr. Can you imagine how long it must have taken this motley crew to come up with creative ways to say "we hate queers and wish they would be eliminated from society," without just saying it?


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