Fibrous breast tissure

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Fibrosis refers to a thickening or increase in the density of breast tissue. Fibrous breast tissues include ligaments, supportive tissues stromaand scar tissues. Sometimes these fibrous tissues become more prominent that the fatty tissues in an area of the breast, possibly resulting in a firm or rubbery bump.

Fibrocystic breast tissue is NOT fibrocystic breast disease. If a change is found, it should be reported to their doctor right away. At the Johns Hopkins Breast Center, our nurse practitioners teach women how to give themselves proper monthly breast exams.

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About half of women develop them fibrocystic breast changes at some point in their lives. While fibrocystic breast tissue can be painful and feature lumpy or rope-like textures, which may cause concern, these changes are completely healthy. The benign condition is neither a symptom of nor a risk factor for breast cancer.

Fibrocystic breast disease, commonly called fibrocystic breasts or fibrocystic change, is a benign noncancerous condition in which the breasts feel lumpy. According to the Mayo Clinicmore than half of women will develop fibrocystic breast disease at some point in their lives. Many women with fibrocystic breasts will not have any associated symptoms. You may have more swelling or lumps in one breast than the other.

Fibrocystic breast changes happen when women develop fluid-filled cysts along with areas of fibrosis in one or both breasts. Fibrosis is a thickening of the breast tissue that you and your doctor can feel through the skin. It can be somewhat firm, ropy, or rubbery.

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Fibrocystic breasts are breasts which have undergone changes in the structure of their tissue, causing them to feel lumpy, uncomfortable, or even painful. Also known as fibrocystic change or fibrocystic breast disease, tissue changes that may occur when a person is affected by the condition, include: [1]. Fibrocystic breast change is very common, with some figures showing that it may occur in up to half of all women.

Many breast lumps are due to fibrocystic changes. The lumps can be caused by a collection of fibrous tissue in an area of the breast. The lumps can also be caused by one or more collections of fluid in an area of the breast.

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Dense breasts have less fatty tissue and more non-fatty tissue compared to breasts that aren't dense. Dense breasts have more gland tissue that makes and drains milk and supportive tissue also called stroma that surrounds the gland. Breast density can be inherited, so if your mother has dense breasts, it's likely you will, too.

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A cyst in the breast may feel like a lump, but upon examination the lump is a small, generally harmless sac filled with fluid rather than a cancerous or benign lump of cells. You may have one cyst or many cysts that appear together. The free resource, Abnormal Mammograms and What to Do Nextdetails the different kinds of tests you may need and includes a list of specific questions to ask your doctor at your next appointment.

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