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Differentiating a male hamster from a female is not always easy. For this reason, it is one of the first questions that tutors ask themselves when they adopt a small rodent, or when they still do not know whether to choose a male or female hamster. To verify this, the most effective thing is to wait until the animal in question is sexually mature and examine its genital area.

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This is one of the most often asked questions from new members and the public. Sexing of adult hamsters is not hard, although young hamsters especially the Dwarf species can be a little harder to handle and their smaller size also makes sexing more difficult. If the hamster struggles hold it by the scruff of the neck and it will usually calm down and lie still.

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One of the most common things searched on my blog is this very question. So below is a super flattering picture of Eve and Dexter. No they do not look comfortable, but this is the only way to check the sex.

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I was wondering if someone could help me with knowing the sex of my teddy bear hamster. I thought he was a male, but i don't see the testicles all the time. In fact, i only see what looks like testicles every once in a while, they come out and go back in after a while.

Well, one, you can't "feel" the nipples. Often times if you hold the little one on it's back, it'll look like a bunch of perfectly aligned, teeny hairless spots going up both sides. I wish I was there, I'd be able to help

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By Luna Bug Sexing hamsters can be tricky, especially when they are young. Syrian males are usually more obvious. Once they have reached 4 weeks old they will have noticeable testicles that hang down below the rear end.

I love hamsters teefuryredbubblethreadless. Jumat, 12 Oktober Hamster Breeding Cycle. Hamsters are one particular pet which has a very typical breeding procedure and there goes a lot into conceiving hamster pups.

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Use a bit of caution when handling hamsters, as they may bite, and be careful not to squeeze or drop them when taking a look at their bellies. Hold the hamster carefully and look at the underside, near the tail. There will be two openings, one of which is the anus.

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Have you ever wondered if your hamster is a boy or girl but can't figure it out? It can be really important to figure it out, especially if you have more than one hamster and you don't want them to breed. Sexing a hamster just takes a few steps, including figuring out what to look for.

The basic differences are similar for all species of hamsters—Syrian, dwarf, or Chinese. However, each species has different characteristics or features that can aid in sex identification. You can cup your hand over your hamster and gently turn it over onto its back, or hold the hamster by the scruff of its neck. Holding the hamster in a slightly upright "sitting up" position will help you determine if testicles are present.


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