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That program is intended for creating a visual accompaniment to a lecture, keeping audience and speaker on track by reducing the essential ideas of a complex presentation to a series of bullet-pointed phrases and concepts, the irreducible takeaway. Clearly the very last thing Karen Owen would want is for a reader of her thesis to perceive her as a vulnerable creature whose desire for sex with campus big shots was at least partly motivated by a powerful and unmet desire for affection. But in the sheer amount of anecdotal detail, and in particular in her relentless descriptions of the anatomical shortcomings of various partners, she reveals that the thesis is motivated by the same force that has prompted women through the ages to describe with savage precision their liaisons with men who discarded them: revenge.

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Caitlin Flanagan's piece in The Atlantic about Karen Owen, the undergraduate who slept with a bunch of men at Duke — many of them athletes — and wrote a very detailed "thesis" about the experiences that got leaked, has sparked a huge amount of discussion on the Internet. I thought that it was a very sloppy piece of work, overall. Flanagan hugely overgeneralizes complicated issues related to sex, feminism, alcohol, and Duke's rather diseased-seeming campus culture, and shoves aside the story's nuances to help promote her own agenda.

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Forget Jessica Simpson's gas attacks or the Kardashian sisters' obsessions with 'lube' and bikini waxing. Duke university grad Karen Owen has become an overnight celebrity for her detailed PowerPoint of 13 of her lovers' social skills. This year-old wrote a personal "senior honors thesis" on her sexual flings and binges with 13 of Duke University's most desirable men, mostly well-built male athletes.

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For those of you sharing my rock, Karen Owen is a senior at Duke University who put together a page faux senior thesis — complete with a PowerPoint slideshow — about the student athletes she bedded. She sent it to friends, who sent it to friends, who sent it to friends, and, thusly, a new viral video star was born. An Education Beyond the Classroom: Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academicsdetails, at nauseam, raunchy, booze-fueled evenings with 13 men met at a local watering hole called Shooters. I completely agree.

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Now, Karen Owen — who was a biological anthropology major — perhaps thought her opus sexual critique was a positive expression of her course of study. She now claims it was all a joke. What it tells me is that biological anthropology was clearly not that demanding a course of study, and that she had a HUGE amount of time on her hands.

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Duke is in an uproar about a highly detailed "fuck list" that a recent female graduate made — in PowerPointcomplete with penis-size evaluations and dirty talk transcripts. We've got that document, and spoke exclusively to the now-contrite author. Upon graduating, the author decided to pass on the wisdom she had learned, in thesis format.

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If Internet users were grading Duke University graduate Karen Owen's thesis on her active sex life, she'd likely get an 'A' for attention to detail. Owen has become a much-discussed topic on blogs, Web sites and even morning shows after her so-called thesis, chronicling her sexual escapades during her undergraduate years at Duke, went public. The page PowerPoint presentation titled, "An Education Beyond the Classroom: Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics," ranked 13 men Owen was sexually involved with during college, according to their physical attractiveness, athletic ability and talent -- in the bedroom.

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The list has now become public knowledge after Owen e-mailed her presentation to a few close friends, and now her name and unfortunately her picture has been plastered all over the Internet. As a young woman about the same age as Karen OwenI feel obligated to weigh in on this matter. There is nothing wrong with women expressing their sexual desires yes guys, we have them tooand a healthy sex life is nothing to be ashamed of.

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How five people recovered — or vanished — after intense scrutiny at an early age. By Lux Alptraum. From the earliest days of college coeducation, women on campus have been subjected to scrutiny.

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The issue The recent Duke controversy concerning graduate Karen Owen has drawn the attention of national media outlets and sparked a debate about the implications of her actions. Our thoughts We believe that the extensive media attention given to this story highlights two disparities present on campuses across America, including our own: gender and socioeconomic class. We maintain that the frenzy of attention and controversy surrounding this event would not have happened if the author of the thesis had been male. In some circles, Karen Owen can be seen as a kind of feminista, a symbol of authority who proves that women can be just as promiscuous as men and proud of it.


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