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Extroverted Thinking Te : Sam is all business, much of the time. He believes in keeping order, in governing through force, and in doing whatever is necessary to accomplish their goals, as a gangster-thug and in his personal life. He often easily takes charge of a situation and organizes others, lays out plans of action, and believes in keeping his insubordinates in line.

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Sam Adama is a fictional male Human criminal hardman in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was played on screen by Sasha Roiz. Tamara was one of those people who killed onboard a train in a terrorist attack. Sam is a hitman who has assassinated people who have got on the wrong side of his employers.

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We chatted about representing the gay community in the sci-fi world, his torso, and, among other things, dating Cylons. Out : You shot the pilot episode of Caprica. Was Sam pegged to be a regular character from the very beginning?

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Despite having appeared in only four episodes of the Battlestar Galactica prequel, last year AfterElton. After a six month break, Caprica finally returns to SyFy tonight and to promote the show, Sasha Roiz talked with reporters about the character of Sam, the reaction of the gay community to him and much more. People have been completely receptive. People have been incredibly supportive.

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The character of Sam Adama on Capricathe series that serves as a sort of prequel to Battlestar Galactica, is a Tauron immigrant to the planet Caprica, and serves as a mob enforcer. Like Battlestar, Caprica — which is filmed in Vancouver — takes on a host of heavy real-world issues like artificial intelligence, the corruption of technology, religious terrorism, and racism with plenty of moral conflict and betrayal to go around. And like its predecessor, Caprica gives rise to a whole palette of shades of grey where a character like Sam Adama can exist — neither evil nor saintly like most gay depictions tend to alternate between.

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He is best known for his portrayals of Sam Adama in the science fiction television series Caprica and Captain Sean Renard in the American dark fantasy television series Grimm. Roiz was born in Tel Aviv [1] to Russian Jewish parents. Roiz studied history before joining a theatre school in Montreal.

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This article lists fictional characters in the television series Caprica. Joseph Adama is portrayed by Esai Morales [1] and is one of the key characters of the series. Adama is a civil liberties lawyer with organized crime connections who loses his wife Shannon and daughter Tamara in a bombing.

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He and Sam are devoted uncles to their nephew. Mars is the most important God in their home because of Sam's Tauron heritage. Larry tells Willie that the Mars idol at their home is three times the size of the others because he married a "tough guy.

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Family is more important to him than the law. The most important things to him are family, his Tauron heritage and the Ha'la'tha. When he was a childhis motherfather and most of his family were killed in the Tauron Civil War.

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Sexuality in the Re-imagined Series and its prequel, Capricamirrors sexuality in the real world, in terms of the presence of hetero- homo- and bi-sexual relationships. According to comments from Michael Taylorthe Colonials do not make an emphasis "of the distinction between hetero- and homosexual preferences. No gender-based restrictions on occupation, either military or civilian, have been seen to exist in the Twelve Colonies, and Ronald Moore has indicated that there are none. However, males and females adhere to different standards in terms of clothing, makeup, ornamentation and hairstyling.


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